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Frogs and Ferrets
Platform 9 ¾ was gone, replaced by green hills and farmland. Letting out a breath, Albus turned to look at James, laughing and talking with Fred, their cousin. Rose sat next to him, looking somewhat anxious through her excitement. He couldn't blame her for it, though. Inside, Albus felt like he was shaking with nerves, wanting to get to Hogwarts and get sorted but terrified of it at the same thing. Still, he had been very excited when he got his letter, practically knocking the owl over that delivered it.
Albus Severus Potter, the room at the top of the stairs. His father had told him about how the letter always knew where to find you, exactly where you were. Both his mother and father smiled at that, sharing some secret that left the children confused for only a moment before they broke the wax seals on their envelope. None of the children knew about their father before he had gotten into Hogwarts, and even his stories about his time at Hogwarts were vague. Something about
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Love by ArtisticJihad Love :iconartisticjihad:ArtisticJihad 0 0 Daydream Believer by ArtisticJihad Daydream Believer :iconartisticjihad:ArtisticJihad 2 5


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